Birch Creek Arts and Ecology Center
Living the Nature of Art  ~  Loving the Art of Nature.
A special place in the wilderness where we welcome you, 
coming together to create Art, study Ecology, and heal ourselves
in workshops, classes, conferences, gatherings, and retreats.

Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs
Providing opportunities to earn university credit while learning what really matters.
Earth Steward Training: our 17-credit residential DEEP Ecostery
 for 8 weeks at our beautiful and inspiring wilderness campus.

Trillium Farm 
A historic homestead, remote and rustic, hosting Birch Creek Arts and
Ecology Center and Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs,
deep in the spectacular Little Applegate River canyon
of southwestern Oregon's magical Siskiyou Mountains.


> Trillium Farm Botanicals Body Care and Herbal Products

>  Trillium Farm Sustainable Living Internships

> Caribbean Ecotourism and Conservation Science, Mexico

> D.E.E.P. Ecostery Earth Steward & Conservation Activism University Program

> Know Your Land  Rural Land Consulting

> Upcoming Events


The Cedar Barn and Garden Gate from inside the GardenThe Dakubetede WildernessAn Orion workshop on wilderness writing

Chad's feet overlooking the Dakubetede Wilderness


Threatened & Endangered Little Applegate Valley  ~ T.E.L.A.V.   Organizing, educating, and standing up for over three decades to protect ancient forests, free-flowing streams, diverse wildlands, wildlife habitat, wilderness trails, flora and fauna of the Little Applegate River watershed, a critical link in the  connectivity corridor between the Siskiyou Mountains and Cascade Range.